Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

Umtha is proudly 100% B-BBEE rated in that we are an Exempted Micro-Enterprise. Since we started, it has been our  purpose to provide employment and skills development to individuals from historically disadvantaged communities in Cape Town as well as refugees who meet the employment criteria set by the Department of Labour. The majority of Umtha employees are low-skilled women who are single bread-winners in their households. Umtha has so far achieved success in four of the seven B-BBEE elements:

  • employment equity
  • skills development
  • preferential procurement
  • enterprise development.

In addition to these, Umtha is committed to promoting from within where possible so that motivated individuals are able to progress towards a supervisory or management position. We regularly assess the socio-economic needs of our employees and intervene to assist where possible. Umtha offers interest-free loans to employees with housing and educational needs, and we provide access to a community doctor and nursing sister for employees with chronic illness or emergency injuries.

Our success stories include two women who have left Umtha to start their own beaded jewellery businesses, and another two women have moved on to be involved with Adult Education and Counselling.