Dec 30

Older news: Successfully navigating 2012

Successfully navigating 2012

Time has flown and even though we feel like 2012 has only just begun, we’ve already passed Easter!
Here at Umtha, then, we must be having fun. New ranges, new staff, new export countries, new babies… we are kept continually on our toes.

Mzanzi & Allsorts


Cheryl, being her usual creative self, has been stepping out of boxes in creating our latest ranges – Mzanzi Radiance and Ethnic Allsorts.

Mzanzi Radiance takes a look at our vibrant country, incorporating its maximum colour, style and texture. Lucy’s handmade ceramic beads from her base in Tambo Square have been included, as have local wireworker John’s silver earring chandeliers. Cheryl has brought in ostrich eggshell shapes from up the Garden Route in Oudtshoorn. Umtha regularly sources from the APD where physically disadvantaged people are trained in shaping the eggshells. Add pigskin suede, lava beads, a couple of Nkosi Sikeleli pendants, and you’ve got yourself a range of jewellery bursting with enticing Mzanzi-ness!

Ethnic Allsorts follows on from Umtha’s success in combining earthy African colours and texture into classy all-occasions jewellery. This extensive range of necklaces, bracelets and earrings incorporates elements of wood, bone, animal skin fimo, lava beads and more. There is bound to be a match for every personality in Umtha’s new Allsorts offering. Take a look at our website to view these ranges.

Checked out to Czech


Umtha’s export reach has recently expanded to Czech Republic. A new customer there has placed an order including many of our new ‘Nkosi Sikeleli Africa’ pieces from the Mzanzi Radiance range. Who knew that a faraway European country would be interested in these? It seems that everyone still wants a piece of Africa!

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