Apr 15

Umtha under Lockdown

Hello world!

That sounds rather dramatic under normal circumstances, but our world is far from “normal” right now…. definitely “not open for business” as world leaders often like to proclaim! Hopefully, we can all forge ahead to better things in the future.

We acknowledge that in most respects we could do much better than “return to normal”; and that the world collectively needs to become a far more equitable and environmentally careful place. We trust that we will all learn important new ways of being human. That being said, we have to work together now, to care for each other and survive the current situation.

Umtha jewellery is largely linked to the tourist industry, with most of our outlets being nature reserves, game lodges, and curio-type gift shops; as well as airport shops and other popular tourist destinations. This places us in a difficult and uncertain future, as predictions around the recovery of the tourist industry, in the short term, are particularly dire.

Leaving the “doom and gloom” behind, we are still confident of our product being enjoyed by our own South African people, (and perhaps visitors from our continent) as they rally behind small businesses in the near future.

We have recently designed two new ranges, which have been very popular:

Under African Skies is a collection inspired by the colours and textures of our natural environment. The jewellery is displayed on colour photographed header cards, and grouped into 4 colour-ways. A new addition to some of our designs is the use of sustainable cork (natural and dyed colours) instead of leather. This is popular with vegan jewellery buyers, and has a lovely feel and wearability. We have also used hemp cord, in macrame style, in a variety of earrings, bracelets and ankle bracelets. Have a look at the collection listed under Jewellery Ranges… click here

Leather and hemp macrame bracelet
Cork bracelet

The Botanical Collection features 6 popular South African indigenous flowers, which are beautifully photographed on the display cards. The delicate and stunning nuances of the floral colours are depicted in the jewellery pieces; and where possible some reflection of the structure of the flower is portrayed. This collection is on display in the Kirstenbosch Gardens shop in Cape Town, where it has had a good reception.

“Mandela Gold” strelitzia earrings
Protea beaded chain and cherry quartz pendant.

Why not have a browse around our new exciting ranges, while you have a bit more time on your hands; and you’ll be all ready to order, hopefully in the near future. If you are not an existing customer, please register first, and request user approval, as we wholesale only to retail outlets.

Let’s try and have our wonderful, talented team of ladies back at work soon! Umtha is a ray of light in their lives.

Safety pin necklace in the making

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